There is a Superwoman in each of us, Women!

Our first, recent event, “Be Superwoman Walk” was a success!

The event’s objective is to raise funds to publish our first Coffee Table book that features Inspiring Women In Asia.

Held at Dewan Tunku Canselor, University Of Malaya we were thrilled to learn that over 100 Women (Men and Children included) turned up to participate. Earlier, we contemplated that perhaps less numbers might turn up due to the campaign’s short notice – we were wrong!

Being totally green in organizing mass event like this, we learnt a great deal. From managing campaign timeline to sign ups – we are grateful for the experience.

Will we do this again? Heck Yeah!

The team and the designer!

Check out our Superwoman tshirt (combo of Captain Marvel, Ironman, Wonder Woman, Transformers, even Supergirl), designed by the talented Vince Chong of VinnerVoice.

He was the first Akademi Fantasia (Talent Reality show) winner, now a vocal coach and proud father of two beautiful kids! Thank you Vince!

So did we raised enough funds? Unfortunately, very far from it. But it’s okay, we understand that we can’t stop here, we’ll continue to organize more events and we look forward for your kind support.

Check out our Facebook page for more photos taken from the walk.