New revamped site is Up!

When we first started, everything is bootstrapped – even our old website!

Over time, we realised that we needed to have a proper representation of who we are.

Fast forward, after almost 3 weeks of back & fro reviews and revisions, we are proud to “move” into our new home.

As we are writing this blog entry, there are so many things that is currently a work in progress on our plate that we wish we have MORE hands and time!

One thing for sure, being the new kid on the block early this year (2019) and a truly niche one at that, these past few months is all about building presence and keep moving.

Apart from not being that typical, full fledged coworking space like the ones you see in the market, we are still proud of what we are trying to build, Women Community that have each other’s back while earning a living.

Our space may be small, but it drives a purpose. We want everyone that comes into our humble space to accomplish something for themselves and pay it forward someday. Like a ripple effect.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements and events that co-host & organize.

We look forward to grow with you and to welcome you to be part of the Hanawomen Tribe!